The Process of Becoming More Creative

The process of becoming more creative involves how you use your imagination. People think in different ways. Some think in terms of pictures, some in words, and others in success or pleasure. Your thought process operates according to the way you are made. It is essential to get in touch with your feelings to discover how you operate. This is the first step in becoming creative.Our education system demands that everyone gives the same answer to test questions. This gives little room for imagination. Solving problems involves thinking outside of the box. Some problems cannot be solved with conventional thinking. You have to connect the illogical thoughts of the right brain to the logical left side to come up with new things.Story problems are often the most difficult to solve. Those who get good at this type learn to be creative. It is an excellent way for kids to learn to use their imagination together with logical thinking and becoming more creative. They should be encouraged to do what they love and praised when they do well. This is the way they can become confident of their abilities and useful to society.People often get bored with simple operations that require little thinking.They would like to build things with their hands, paint a picture, or do something to be creative. Businesses are always seeking better ways of doing things and marketing systems that stand out from the hum drum ways of society. Those with this ability are in big demand and are paid well.The process of becoming creative requires being relaxed with nothing bothering you.Whether you want to turn a hobby into a profitable business or, merely improve your routine, you must visualize how you want it to be, and let your imagination run wild. You will have some unreasonable ideas, and some that are promising. Many great innovations have been created in this manner.One of the best ways to be creative is to put an idea on the back burner of your mind and let it cook for a while. Your subconscious mind will go to work with sheer genius. When you are not even thinking about it, a solution may pop in to your head. This mysterious part of the brain can come up with ideas that will astound you. This process often works well.Give yourself time to dream. Think of what your dream job would be or, how to solve that pesky problem that has been bugging you. Think of what it would be like to make a lot of money, or do what you have always dreamed of. You might come up with ways to improve your lot in life. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. – Eleanor Roosevelt.